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Thursday, April 18th, 2024 07:38 am

Synth Glossary

The time taken for a sound to achieve maximum amplitude. Drums have a fast attack, whereas bowed strings have a slow attack. In compressors and gates, the attack time equates to how quickly the processor can change its gain....


BassStation Keyboard
This is a analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators. You can select 2 waveforms; saw and square. It has a filter section which contains cutoff and resonance. The cutoff has two selections how drastically the frequencies above the cut-off point are removed from the sound; 12 dB and 24 dB. The rack version has also an input which you can route your microphone ( or any thing else ) through the BassStations filter section. The programmable LFO is a very good feature. It produces regular electronic variations which are to low to be heard by a human ear. However, they can be used to modify various elements of the sound, producing regular changes in pitch, pulse width or filter cut-off. That helps you to spare a hand when you playing live. The BassStation controls the cutoff and you control the resonance.

THIS THING ROCKS ( in a lack of words )! You can get the most craziest sounds out of this machine. The 24 dB cutoff is very screamy. From an electric type of sound to an acid bass line: you name it! If you have a distortion box, use it with the BassStation and you can have so much fun. The only thing that disturbs me is that the keyboard version has only 7 user patches. But on the other side it can recieve sysex format. When I got mine it was totally whacked up. All the knobs where broken and I forgot the manual in the store, so I had a living hell with it the 2 first days. And I thought it worked properly, I didn't know how it should work. Well, I have changed it now and I couldn't be more satisfied with it! The basses are very deep and the lead sounds are so screamy. The quality of the keyboard isn't the best. It's all made of plastic, so I'd be careful not to drop it to much.

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